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Interior Photography Lighting and Post Processing
Before and After

Capturing the image during the photo shoot is only part of the process in creating a compelling image of your space.  We try to create either dramatic or natural looking lighting effects to draw the viewers eye to specific areas of the space. However he photo shoot is only about 40% of the photography process to me.

The real art of the photography process is the hours I spend digitally blending raw exposures into a final image. I can take the captured image in any number of ways in post production. I spend a considerable amount of time and effort post processing and retouching my photographs to achieve the final look my clients require. The results you can see in the examples above show before and after significant photographic post processing treatment.

I will ensure the colours are accurate and the tones are smooth. I can take care of any of your retouching needs and I welcome my clients to submit edit requests so they are 100% satisfied with the final images.

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