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Sharing your Google Virtual Tour on social media and embedding onto your website.

Capture 1.JPG

Go to Google Maps and search for your business.

Enter the tour and go to any start point or view.

Capture 2.JPG

Once you are happy with the start point and view click the 3 vertical dots.

share or embed.jpg

Click 'share or embed image'.


Here you can select 'share a link' and copy the link. You can use this to forward in an email or paste into a social media post. Or use the Facebook & Twitter options.


To embed select the 'embed a map' link.


Once you select ''embed a map' you have the option to change the viewpoint, or select the size of the embed on your website.


Then select 'copy link'. This is the code you will need to embed onto your website.


You are able to repeat these steps as many times as you wish for different areas of the tour.

As simple as that!

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