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Virtual Tours for Education -Schools, Colleges & Universities.

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

We have received huge interest from many schools and universities both UK based and from abroad exploring the possibilities of immersive and interactive 360 degree virtual tours providing a unique virtual open day 24/7.

Ideal for or international students, along with their parents or guardians, not having the opportunity to visit any educational institutions before choosing the one for them.

A new feature we now offer is "Live Guided Tours". This enables the school, college or university to enter the virtual tour via their desktop and login as a host. You are then able to invite a guest or guests to join you in the tour.

As you walk through the tour from area to area the tour duplicates on their screen so allowing you to "take them by the hand" and guide them around. Show them the best you have to offer whilst seeing and speaking to your guest and vice versa. Webcam required of course.

A great way to interact remotely!

Just a few of our recent Education tours.

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